My Boy’s Room: Green Walls

I finally finished painting the walls in my boy’s room! This lovely shade of green also graces the walls of my husband’s office, which doubles as our guest bedroom. And I’m amazed at how different the color looks here. With more windows and thereby more natural light, the color feels a little softer.

My Boy’s Room: Green Walls

It’s a little less moody in here, but it still feels quite cozy. Tradd Street Green by Duron for Sherwin Williams is the perfect green in my opinion. Muddy greens with warm undertones are my favorite!

Teen Boys Bedroom Progress

You’ll notice too that while I painted the crown moulding the same color as the walls, I left the window trim (and the door trim not pictured) as well as the baseboard white. Over on Instagram, when I shared that I was thinking of doing this, the idea was met with mixed reviews. But I really love the result! It created the exact effect I was after, made the walls feel taller and the room, in general, feel a bit grander. By contrast, the white window trim makes the windows and their chunky trim really pop.

This side-by-side comparison really highlights how much of an effect painting the crown made in the space.

Side By Side Painted Moulding Comparison

I know that it isn’t commonplace to only paint the crown, and lots of people felt that if I was to paint the crown that I should paint the rest of the trimwork green as well. But it’s my belief that design rules are meant to be guidelines. In this case, my goal was to allow the windows and doors, the architectural elements in the space to really shine. And the contrast between the green and white is what allows those elements to really shine.

I’m also planning to add wallpaper to the ceiling, which is another reason I opted to paint just the crown green. I want a smooth transition from wall to ceiling.

Teen Boys Bedroom Progress

My boy’s room is a work in progress, but I’m happy with the way it’s all coming together. Crazy to think this will be his last bedroom under our roof. I could cry just thinking about that, but I’m also so excited for him! And it’s pure joy to be working with him to create a space that will always be his.

I moved my brass trunk (one of my all-time best-thrifted finds) in here, and I’m digging it so much as a nightstand. The brass with this green on the walls is so good!

Brass Chest Nightstand

Now to nail down fabric for curtains! What do you think of this plaid? I kind of love the Ralph Lauren vibes this pattern play is giving me.

Painted Walls Bedroom Progress

But first, it’s One Room Challenge time, so I’ll be hitting the pause button in here until November.


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