<div>Friday Favorites: Thin Mint Almonds, Long-wearing Clean Nail Polish, Smooth Writing Pens & More!</div>Friday Favorites: Thin Mint Almonds, Long-wearing Clean Nail Polish, Smooth Writing Pens & More!
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I was resistant to getting a Costco membership because I’ve never been a big fan of shopping in bulk. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many great things I’ve found at Costco, especially in the snack department! And these Girl Scout Thin Mint Almonds just might be my most favorite Costco find ever!

<div>Friday Favorites: Thin Mint Almonds, Long-wearing Clean Nail Polish, Smooth Writing Pens & More!</div>

1. Girl Scout Thin Mint Almonds

Everyone in my family is obsessed! The four of us have gone through this large container in less than a week. Good thing they’re healthy-ish. 😉 Seriously, they are soooo good! Get you some!

2. Olive & June Nail Polish

Have you tried Olive & June nail polish?! I’ve fallen in love! Not only are the polishes 7-free, but they have some serious staying power! Which is almost unheard of for toxin-free polish. I’ve got the primer, the top coat, the dry drops, basically the whole kit and caboodle along with a bunch of fun colors. But I’m mostly just blown away that my at-home mani remains chip-free for almost two weeks!

3. Sharpie S-Gel Pens

A good writing pen is worth it’s weight in gold. Am I right?! And these Sharpie S-Gel pens are the best! They write so smooth, and they don’t smear or bleed. Plus, they feel good in your hand. If you consider yourself a pen connoisuer, give these try!

4. Better Homes & Gardens Black Lanterns

You’re going to see these lanterns on my fall front porch next week. But I’m sharing them with you today because they’re selling fast, and they’re such great quality for the price! I’ve always been a big fan of using lanterns in my seasonal decorating because they work well for multiple holidays. And I’m all about getting that bang for the buck and for the time when it comes to my holiday decorating! These lanterns come in three different sizes, and I love their clean, classic style. Fill them with candles, pumpkins, pinecones, ornaments…….you get what I’m throwing down, right?

Bh&Amp;G Lanterns

5. Declutter Like A Mother by Allie Casazza

Declutter Like A Mother

I know a lot of you don’t consider yourselves “readers”, but this audio version of Declutter Like A Mother is only a little over 4 hours long. So think of it more as an extended podcast episode. I listened to it over a two day time span while tackling some household chores. And I found some solid nuggets of advice. This book is more than a helpful guide on where to start and how to actually get in there and declutter/organize your home. I mean, it definitely gives you some real-life tips. But it’s really more about a mindset shift or creating a household philosophy. It encourages a way of thinking about your home to help you not only clear the clutter but keep your spaces clutter-free on-going. Although the author is in a different phase of life than I am, as my kids are well past playing with toys, I still found some very relatable, applicable advice here. And more than anything, I really loved how she redefined minimalism in a way that feels so much more freeing. Highly recommend listening to this book if you’re looking for a little motivation in the household organization department.

Okay, your turn! Tell me about your favorites this week.