<div>Friday Favorites: Reno My Rental, Furniture in a Bathroom & Elevating the Everyday</div>Friday Favorites: Reno My Rental, Furniture in a Bathroom & Elevating the Everyday
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I know I’ve been a little quiet on social media as of late, but that’s only because I’ve been finalizing my plans for the One Room Challenge which starts next WEDNESDAY! Oh my gosh, it’s almost game time. And I’m a bundle of nerves and excitement! I can’t wait to share what space I’ll be tackling!!! Until then, let’s chat about this week’s favorites.

1. Reno My Rental

I often designate the shows that I’m most excited to watch as “cardio motivation”. Basically, tv shows that I know I’m not going to want to miss a single episode, I put into my “can only watch while exercising” category, in order to motivate myself to get my sweat on! And Reno My Rental, starring Carmeon Hamilton, is my newest cardio motivation obsession!

<div>Friday Favorites: Reno My Rental, Furniture in a Bathroom & Elevating the Everyday</div>

I’ve been following Carmeon on social media for years, and it’s been so awesome to see her design business flourish. I was absolutely heartbroken to hear of her husband’s recent passing. The first episode of her new show honors Marcus with a beautiful memorial.

As Seen On Reno My Rental, Designer Carmeon Hamilton, Renovated Alicia’s Rental Property To Better Suit Her Style. Carmeon Took This Unused Sunroom And Transformed It Into An Inspiring Makeup Station For Alicia To Build Her Business As A Makeup Artist.
(Memphis Flyer)

There are currently two episodes available to watch, with new episodes releasing every Saturday. You can watch it on HGTV or Discovery +. This show is filled with lots of great, affordable design solutions, and Carmeon is an absolute star!

2. Furniture in a Bathroom

Ran across this image on Pinterest this week, and gah, it’s soooooo good! It’s Ralph Lauren, so of course I do. He’s been a favorite of mine forever. Classic. Chic. Effortless. Always. But can we just take a moment to talk about furniture in a bathroom? It’s a yes for me. A big fat YES! How good is this?!

Ralph Lauren
(Architectural Digest)

3. Elevating the Everyday with these Beautiful Glass Cleaning Bottles

I really do believe in the power of elevating the everyday mundane tasks of daily life. From making your laundry room feel chic to packaging your household cleaning products in beautiful bottles, there is a kind of magic in making those tasks feel a little more luxurious. Call me crazy, but it’s true. Wiping down the counters is something I do multiple times a day, and now I get to do it with these beauties in hand. And these funnels are key as well.

Beautiful Cleaning Bottles

So that’s all I’ve got for you today, friends! Keeping short and simple as I gear up for an exciting couple of months with the One Room Challenge!

Tell me about your favorites this week!