For the Pajama Lover

As you already know, I don’t do a lot of gift guides. But I love to share my favorite things with you all! And pajamas are my love language. For the Pajama Lover I live for pajamas! I’ve actually hosted many parties in my home where I’ve encouraged guests to come in their pj’s. I mean, what’s better than a Christmas brunch pajama party?!

Me Library Pajamas

These velvet pj’s are my new favs! And I think they’d make a great gift. But also, they’re a great way for a pajama lover to treat themselves this holiday season. 😉 This maroon colorway is currently out of stock, but I’m sure it’ll be back soon! And the black set is really nice and classic too…..and just might be on its way to me right now. 😉

As far as I’m concerned the only good thing about daylight savings time is that it makes it totally acceptable to put your pajamas on at 5 p.m.

As a pajama lover, I consider myself to be somewhat of a connoisseur, but I’m not a PJ snob. The Stars Above brand at Target is legit. And this satin set you can find on Amazon is really nice, too. Every now and again, H&M will have some good ones, like this set that is perfect for Christmas morning! But when I want to treat myself or someone else, Ralph Lauren is my go-to. Their sets are always of great quality, classic and chic. I mean, check out the leopard detailing on this set!

Gift Guide For The Pajama Lover

I find that pajamas make a great gift for loved ones, too. Because a surprising number of people don’t regularly treat themselves to nice pj’s. I mean absolutely no offense to your old college t-shirts, but…….I promise you’ll sleep better in velvet or satin. 😉

Velvet Pajamas

Everything is linked here! Get your PJ on!

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